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18 March 2007 @ 10:03 pm
White Frangipannis  
I haven't written for so long. This is so crap rofl And rambly. Ewww.

So yes lol This is by me obviously ^^

It had taken hours. There were two abandoned plates with only a scattering of salt in each which had once held hot chips but that was ages ago now. The room was a mess, a PSP and DS Lite discarded as they’d run out of battery life and more cameras than could be counted. Empty glasses which had once held midori mixed with pineapple juice wouldn't be cleaned up by them for once, instead by house keeping when they came past again that night with the complimentary champagne and canapés which they wouldn’t be there to receive and instead would drink and eat the next morning along with the hardly touched wedding cake, eaten unceremoniously with their fingers and one plastic spoon.

The three in waiting were indeed waiting, the tallest and shortest (those to be the back of the line and front of the line) were sprawled out on the bed the youngest (and also the shortest) really didn't want to think about as well, it was their wedding and who knew what that bed had seen already. Eww. They exchanged a look as babbling - which really wasn’t helping the Brides nerves – continued as the twin-to-the-Bride rubbed moisturiser into the Brides’ hands.

The bride-to-be however, was beautiful. Stressed, yes, but beautiful. Waiting in one of the resorts robes over her sassy wedding under-garments she had been sitting well and silent for the past hours as her hair was done and then her make up, slowly calming as the minutes ticked ever closer. It had been a hectic day as her identical twin and youngest friend had been out later than they should have shopping in the nearby town with the family of the groom. They had made it back so late they'd had to run to the Bride-to-be's room and found her in tears, throwing things around and shouting that the Groom had been the one who’d had to dress her as they had been late. They had been late of course though, because the shopping had been for the Grooms older brother who had failed to bring a suitable shirt to wear to the wedding, but the fact was that they had been late when they should have been with her and she was rightly correct.
Unfairly, the remaining friend had been the one to cop it the worse as she had simply stayed in one of the other (of the two) rooms, until they had returned and thus had no excuse as to why she hadn't been waiting with the frustrated girl.

But now that was all in the past and a few drinks had helped soften the bride-to-be, as it had her friends. Sarah (the tallest) and Katharine (the youngest) had downed several drinks to chase away their boredom and the annoyance of the Brides twin sister who had grown more and more annoying as she tried to reassure her sister that everything would be okay. As usual, Carmen had no idea what a bother she truly was, and it just went to show that weddings set in beautiful tropical islands with dresses of pure white and pearls didn't mean that the annoying family didn't exist. It was Lani's (Liana’s) wedding though, and they had to be nice to Carmen. Or drink so they wouldn’t finally snap at her. Whichever.

All of that was forgotten (for the moment) though as the hair and makeup was completed. Carefully and inch by inch they eased Lani into her wedding dress (bought of eBay like every good geek should have her wedding) and then they slowly laced up the back under Lani’s close instructions.

Pouting, Lani examined herself in the mirror.
“What’s the matter, babe?” Sarah leant carefully on Lani’s shoulder and pouted her lips in imitation back at Lani in the mirror.
“I don’t like my hair.” Lani replied. “I wanted it more…cascading down. …And for the flowers to be…more…”
Sarah pushed Lani down into a chair soothingly and pushed her twin towards her for distraction. With that, she grabbed Katharine’s hand and pulled her outside where they ran in their bridesmaid dresses of blue and barefoot to the closest flower bushes which were luckily those where flowers that matched those already in Lani’s hair grew. White Frangipannis, so soft and white with soft yellow flicking out from the centre of the five wide-set petals. Katharine cupped her hands carefully while Sarah selected the very best and then hurriedly they rushed back to the room. Everyone was already waiting by the beach in the area marked off by flowers and ribbons and they didn’t even have their shoes or flowers ready yet. It was fashionable for the bride to be late but this was just getting cruel.

They gathered around Lani, Carmen holding her hands back in a tight squeeze while Sarah and Katharine marked out by the millimetre to set the flowers evenly in an arch on the top of her head, picking out the tightly twisted so it cascaded down instead, exactly how Lani had always wanted it. And they should know from the hundreds of pictures she had showed the two for the past few months.
“They’re the flowers you always wanted.” Katharine pointed out as Lani remained seated while the three ran around in a mild panic and tried to get the last few things done in five minutes ago. “In the style you always wanted. In the place you always wanted. Shame the company couldn’t be helped.” She winked innocently as Carmen called from the bathroom that she was sorry but had just spilt her sisters powdered eye shadow everywhere and handed Lani a glass of straight midori.

The flowers now lay pressed in an album, photos of the bride and her maids there as evidence, many photo boxes and pages in scrapbooks also spread over the country as all those involved worked to hold the memories away forever.

And Lani keeps bunches of them in their flat by the computers fresh and well watered, an everlasting reminder to their (despite everything) perfect wedding.
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psychosazevamp: firedesirepsychosazevamp on March 18th, 2007 01:44 pm (UTC)
I really like this :) It's certainly not crap; I love the little descriptive touches dotted throughout - from the PSP and DS Lite, to the flowers being pressed in an album. It's a sweet, innocent piece, laced with little humourous moments (who knew what the bed had seen already? XD).
Katharine is a Sky Pirate: JDrama - Sapuri - What the crack!?thiefofcamorr on March 20th, 2007 10:18 am (UTC)
Our group was so geeky XD You should see the photos from it, we're all so pale!

Thanks XD

And I knew what that bed had seen :\ That part is a lie rofl I didn't even sit on that bed :\