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21 March 2007 @ 09:10 pm
Third of the Three!  
And here's my last by me, the V for Vendetta thingy using the letter I

I’ll introduce myself, I am (and I invite you to do as I) Isabella Indielli and (while irate) I am in due intoxication of introspection.
I’ve been seen as an iconoclast for simply yet I follow the idealism of being individual in my personal interests and ideals. I don’t see intelligence in pursuit of idiots, such as these inferring, but it is my work, to interview such as is.
It’s insulting to my individual to interview idiots in their work. Idiots being iguanas who’ve been intently and ingeniously trained to walk upright (supermodels), inarticulate tv actors and incoherent actresses all thin and elegant like an ibis but as impenetrable and as cold as an iceberg. They stand idle whilst illegitimate and/or illiterate itinerants scratch their itches for them and investigate their issues in their place.
Intrigue and intense takes place in my imagination as they are as impolite as inflated intestines.
Innocent idiocies can always be counted as ignorance without an inch of doubt and I mean to imply that as an impartial yet imperious individual. I feel I should not sit idle and let such irrational idiocies inhere.

Yes, it is interference, an interjection, but it is also my intent.
I shall investigate in addition after the interlude.

Don't ask me what I wrote, I have no idea XD
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Katharine is a Sky Pirate: Anime - Fruits Basket - Bored Writersthiefofcamorr on March 22nd, 2007 01:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Interesting...
Thankyou both for the feedback, I'll work on it as soon as my brain is ready once more XD