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14 April 2007 @ 10:01 am
Prophecy: A Play in Five Minutes  
Here we have a piece by the lovely Lou; all shall read and applaude!

Curtain up.

(The scene is the interior of a small house. On one side, an old-fashioned cooker glows quietly. LYDIA and EDWARD sit at a table. On the floor, a young child, CARLY, plays. The scene is content, the only sound CARLY’s murmurs and the whistle of a boiling kettle, until a loud gunshot and bells sound from offstage. EDWARD looks up.)

EDWARD: This doesn’t sound good. Lydia, you stay here. (he leaves, picking a gun up from the doorway as he does. Offstage, more gunshots ensue, and the bell tolls louder. He re-enters, with blood on his shirt.) Lydia, run! Take Carly and run, far away from here! Now! It’s the Cairns!

(CARLY gets up to stand by LYDIA as EDWARD leaves again. The two huddle in a corner as the sounds of battle from offstage grow louder. CARLY looks up.)

CARLY: Mom, why are the Cairns hurting us again?

LYDIA: I… don’t know. (pause, more gunshots. EDWARD screams, and we presume he has fallen.) The Cairns and the Bairds have never gotten alone, Carly. It goes back… years. We are the people of this land; our families have lived here for many millennia. When the Cairns invaded… we fought, and lost; but never severely enough for one side to win. They want to win; to drive us from our houses and to kill us all. And now… we have a prophecy. (she strokes Carly’s head, pulling her onto her lap as they huddle in the corner.) A child has been born, a very special little girl, who will provide the Cairns with their own downfall… the Bairds will take back what is theirs. They know it, and they want to kill us all before it can happen.

CARLY: Oh. (she falls silent, digesting this information) Mommy, has Daddy gone to a better place?

LYDIA: We can only hope so.

(Offstage, more shooting commences, and a foreign voice shouts orders to search the houses. There is a banging at the door, and then two shots are fired into the corner where LYDIA and CARLY are huddled. LYDIA hunches over and blood spreads across her back. More shots sound, and then new orders to find the children are shouted. An officer enters the room – Alyn. He steps to the corner and investigates LYDIA’s body. As he prods it, it moves, and CARLY sits up from underneath – unharmed, but frightened. ALYN stares down at her trembling face with his gun raised, watching her intently, until voices offstage call him back.)

ALYN: It’s not safe here, little one. You should be dead. (pause) I should kill you. (longer pause) Don’t say a word, and it might be okay.

He lifts CARLY up with ease, covering her with his cloak, and exits through a back door swiftly.
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